Saturday, July 6, 2013

awkward post



 Taktau nak taip apa. 

Well. I am pretty nervous for next week. And for now, I am kindaaaaaa, i dont know. Kosong?

Wahaha. Seriously I typed Kosong sambil nyanyi versi adik I. Ekeke. I have so much to tell so much emotions to let out, but I just cant. I tend to hurt people lah. Its just by my nature. Hihi. I am not a very good person you know. Well I tried to be good. Tak sukses lagi. Takpe, boleh cuba lagi..


Hmm *awkward silence*

Sitz. I seriously dont know what to type. Merapik. 

Ok. Goooooogrls, I miss you girls terribly! xoxo. See you when I see you girls.